Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lace of Maturity

I am living my life as best as I could. As good as I know of. In other words, my life from other peoples point of view, might be so bored but for's my life! Nobody wants to live my much as I dont want to live other peoples life.
I told my best friend, 50 cents for people who has everything means nothing but for people who has nothing, of course it's a blessing! And when you lost it...though it was such a small amount, u will still feel the loss.
Life is full of opportunities and choices that you don't really see it until you lost it. Fear of being hurt sometimes make us lost our focus and we let things take their own course. Which at the end of the day...left us with nothing!
Livestrong...that is the only way to live. Obstacles is a lace that makes our life more beautiful!