Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TLC review that makes me smile and wanna cry...


Saya kini menjadi penguin! Haha... maklumlah baru turun dari Gunung Kinabalu! Sesiapa yang pernah mendakinya pasti memahami apa yang saya katakan. Entry tentang Gunung Kinabalu akan saya paparkan nanti. Buat masa ini, saya mahu berkongsi review tentang TLC dari CMATE, yang saya jumpa ketika google tentang TLC. A Freak's Review Blogspot....yang buat saya rasa terharu. Because she really gets the message that I want to share with all the readers. Thank you CMATE!

Tarikh Luput Cinta is one of the books that have a beautiful title, so beautiful that you wonder if the contents would be as interesting as the title suggests. Many times, story title does an effective job of setting our level of expectations before we begin flipping the pages. And many times, I have been disappointed. Thankfully Tarikh Luput Cinta is as exciting and splendid as its short synopsis suggested. And I have only one word to describe the story: Suspenseful!

And this suspenseful tale begins with three individuals - Airel, Imanina and Rezzal - receiving a challenge letter from an anonymous millionaire. The objective is for them to compete among each other to inherit a total of RM22.5 million upon the passing away of its owner. Starting out as strangers to participants to friends, the three of them uncovers mystery after mystery as the deadline draws near. Along their journey, they discover that someone out there is against them inheriting the grand prize and tragedies begin to mushroom in their lives.

While most tragedy tales would leave you crying with sympathy for the characters, Lynn Dayana takes on a different approach in this story. She cleverly delivers a series of tragedies into the story that leaves you looking forward to what's in the next chapter. With each turn of page, you find yourself clinging onto the edge of your chair as a burning sensation gushes through your emotional keeping you guessing the missing pieces of the complete picture.

Besides the splendid storyline, another thumbs-up for the characters in the story. Well crafted personalities that engages well with readers, the writer certainly has brought characterisation to the next level. You'll enjoy the bond shared by all three main characters as they build friendships around their competiting selves. Expect them to make you smile, laugh, cry and be entertained because they will draw you into their world and suddenly you are a part of their circle. And everyone around you will be staring at you because you are laughing aloud on your own with the book in hand.

Tarikh Luput Cinta is a well-written book indeed! I have no regrets for picking it up and am looking forward to Lynn Dayana's next book. Keep writing, sister!


CaMaRPuTiH said...

lynn... aku pun macam dia... kagum dengan kebolehan mu itu. siyus... ko antara yg istimewa... punya bakat yg istimewa... dan menulis dengan cara yg istimewa dan pemacanya juga pastilah istimewa buatmu. kan?

Lynn Dayana said...

Aduh... Aku penulis baru belajar bertatih! Mahu bersaing dgn nama besar berbekalkan gaya penceritaan yang aku harap ada berbeza dengan penulis yang lainnya.
Hehe...ya, pembaca2 aku mmg istimewa. Yg aku tahu, aku gembira klu tulisan aku blh buat org berfikir dan msh blh tersenyum!